VP – Sales

Hemant Bhatia is Vice President – Sales who focuses his time on building client relationship and directing sales, marketing and strategic initiatives for AWC Software. Prior to joining AWC Software, Hemant has spent time in various positions at EXL Services, Polaris and Wipro. In longest stint was in Wipro where he built reputation as a leader who was able to work with client from stage of Pre Sales to Sales and delivery of the project. During this tenure he worked in capacity of Delivery Manager delivering Oracle Projects for Wipro esteemed clients and then moving in to Enterprise Sales selling solutions to clients on Oracle, SAP and other technologies. His customer relationships skills have brought a new dimension to AWC Software with start of business lines for Oracle Middleware, SAP and Newgen.
Hemant is B Tech (Production) from Pune University and M.Sc E-Commerce for University of Manchester and is married with 2 beautiful kids. He loves playing cricket and cycling with his daughter.