Safexpress - E Billing Application

Client Background

Safexpress is logistics company which provide logistics services to B2B and B2C Customers. Safexpress had requirement for automating the process of billing to their customers to whom they send the bills manually or over email.

Client Need

Safexpress uses Oracle ADF as platform for handling their logistics
functionalities and they had requirement to develop a module within the
existing system which meets following requirements Generation of E-Bill as per the desired format Attaching of E-Bill along with supporting documents on mail.
Sending mails automatically and tracking the mails in case they have
bounced back.
Providing acknowledgment link over mail for customer to accept the bills
and updating the status back in to E-Billing Module.


The solution was offered on Oracle ADF Platform. The solution was integrated with their content system
to store the generated bills.
The solution used internet layer for tracking bounced
mails and to receive the acknowledgement from

Business Impact

Automation of 8000 bills being generated manually today.
Faster process of receiving acknowledgement from
customers for the monthly bills.
Cost reduction of paper based bills.
Cost reduction of resources required to generate bills.

Safexpress - E Billing Application

Highlights of the Solution
One stop solution to manage entire Invoice
Life Cycle post generation from transactionalcleant4
Highly scalable to handle massive loads of
Invoices daily
Invoice generation in PDF
Online batch printing of Invoices
Invoice tracking
Easy Reconciliation with actual data and
descriptive dashboards and reports for
traceability Seamless integration with collection systems